AtlantiCare to offer PREP & PREP assistance

PrEP is Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. PrEP to help protect an  HIV negative person against infection from HIV. The name of the medication for PrEP  is  called Truvada.   It’s a blue pill  that one must take daily to prevent oneself  from getting HIV. A person needs to be committed  to taking the pill every day at the same time in order  to be effective. If taken daily, it will protect a person up to 92%.  The person will need to wear condoms to protect them from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

To qualify the person will need to see a PrEP Counselor at AtlantiCare.  He (she) will be tested with a 1 minute HIV INSTI test to make sure they are HIV Negative. Once a person’s negative status is confirmed, the counselor will sit with them to answer all questions and concerns they might have about Truvada. They will be given a lab slip to have blood work done.  Once the lab results have been received, an appointment will be scheduled to see the provider.  The provider will go over the lab results and answer any other questions they may have.  The provider will then e-scribe the medication to their pharmacy.

The cost of the medication is based on the pharmacy your insurance co-pay. The Counselor will help the patient get insurance (Medicaid) and/or charity care if they do not have insurance.  The cost of the medication is anywhere from $500 a month  or $1500 for 3 month supply. Walgreens pharmacy and Gilead haves patient assistance program that would also help the patient meet their co-pay for their prescription. If copay assistance is needed, the Counselor will help set that up.

The patient will have to meet with the Counselor and Provider every 3 months for routine lab work and to receive their 3 month prescription refill.

Any questions or would like a consultation please have them call Carmen at 609-350-9714.